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On this episode of the Ski With Wade podcast, I am on location at San Tan Lakes, in Arizona. I’m down here coaching a camp and I was able to snag a few students willing to talk ski with me. I cut it up with Brent Eason, his son Carter and girlfriend Brianna, Scott, Pam, Dana and Jeannie about pointers, tricks, and the in and outs of our favorite sport.


  • Slalom skiing
  • Maintaining Balance
  • Traveling and traveling companions
  • Finding success no matter when you started skiing
  • Making your first pass
  • Skiing in Saltwater



In this episode of Ski With Wade, I come to you from San Tan Lakeside Estates. I had the pleasure of speaking to skiers, young and old who are down here taking part in my ski camp. It was a blast reflecting on what they learned as well as a bit about their lives and waterski journeys.

Starting with Brent Eason, ripping slalom skier. Hailing from Alaska he takes quite the journey back and forth to Arizona.

Next, I chat with Scott who talks about his progress and how the right equipment supported his success and enjoyment out on the water.

Next, I talked to Pam Guthrie, a Facebook friend, and Kentucky native. Pam talks about skiing on public lakes and her goal of competing in worlds. Pam is joined by her daughter Dana, who she lives with and who is her traveling companion. We discuss the benefits of traveling with family.

After Dana, I talk with Jeannie Roar a friend who is newer to the water skiing world. Jeannie has made huge gains in a short amount of time and continues to impress. Jeannie talks about the feeling of making that first pass and how she got hooked on the sport.

Next, I talk with Carter, Brent’s son, and his girlfriend Brianna. The two met in high school back in Anchorage and enjoy skiing together and spurring each other on. I talk about Nationals, balancing college with competing, and Carter dives into the different challenges when you’re in different types of lakes, especially coming from saltwater.

Thanks again to San Tan Lakeside Estates! Do not miss this episode if you want to hear expert insight from some of the brightest young waterski talent. Cut the rope.

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Wade Cox’s legendary professional ski career includes multiple Pro titles and tours. Throughout the 1990’s he was on top as the HO Skis and Pro Tour poster boy. More recently he is spreading his waterski knowledge as a coach, via SkiWit

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