Comedian Bob Marley

Comedian Bob Marley


In this week’s episode, Wade visits comedian Bob Marley on his home turf in Maine to talk about old tricks and new ones too. The veteran entertainer, who has 30 years in standup and a Guinness World Record for longest continuous set, shares with Wade how moving from Los Angeles back to his home state was in large part spurred by water (and snow) skiing – and how those sports have been central to his family’s life.

Together with his kids and some of their friends, Bob peppers Wade with questions about everything from what makes water skiing so compelling to the finer points of line length and the importance of taking advice – but only from sources that know their stuff!

Join Wade and Bob as they sit lakeside at the Dinner Shack in Poland, Maine, musing about their favorite sport, raising kids and keeping the comedy going in life. And of course Wade does a round of “Five Question” with the gang following on a three-day waterskiing clinic at Tripp Lake.

Topics Covered
  • A little about Bob’s resume, his life in comedy, and decided to move back to his native Maine.
  • The early roots of what would eventually become Bob’s (and his kids’) obsession with waterskiing.
  • Touching on some of Bob’s favorite camp experiences in California, Nevada, and Florida.
  • A round of “Five Questions” for Wade, touching on how to develop technique, adapt to various race conditions, and ways Wade has gotten and stayed inspired.
  • Brief wrap-up and a word about what’s available at the Ski With Wade website.