Future Champ Camp

Future Champ Camp


Wade invites a very special line-up of young stars in the making to ask the questions on this episode of the Ski with Wade Podcast, recorded onsite this week at the Future Champ Camp in Farmer City, IL. A veteran of 40 years in the world of waterskiing, Wade has seen and done a lot. But working with young people at Future Champ Camp the past four years has been especially touching and exciting. So much young talent to coach and watch develop as time goes along.

Wade’s young interviewers put a variety of questions to him, touching on everything from his biggest setbacks to his most sentimental victories. He shares memories of what the pro tours of the “olden days” (1980s and 1990s) were like and how a broken leg – bad as it felt at the time – turned out just to be a bump along the road to an enduring Hall of Fame career followed by a new chapter coaching. Listen in to hear the voices of future pro water-skiers! And don’t forget to check out The Liquid Edge, site of the Future Champ Camp, the Ski Shack pro shop and so much more.

Topics Covered
  • Future Champ Camp.
  • Career high and low points.
  • Bouncing back from injuries.
  • Going pro and what it was like.
  • Evolving the Syndicate Pro waterski brand.
  • Early water skiing days and favorite victory.